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Kot Diji Fort

kot diji Fort (3)

The Kot Diji Fort, officially acknowledged as Fort Ahmadabad, governs the town of Kot Diji in Khairpur District, Sindh Province, Pakistan, about 40 kilometers east of the Indus River at the border of the Nara-Rajisthan Desert. The fortress was built between 1785 to 1795 by Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur, creator of the Empire of Upper Sindh in 1783. In addition to the fortress, a 5km, 12 feet broad mud wall was constructed around the city. This defensive wall had bastions all through its span and an enormous iron door served as the city’s only entry.

The fortress was considered unshakable and served as the home of the Emirs of Khairpur in times of peace. It is, hence, the inherited home of royal house. In war time the Zanana (female member of the royal family), would be moved to Shahgarh Fort, formerly inside the area but since 1843, after the take-over of the rest of Sindh, it is in the Thar and Jaisalmer desert, now in India. When the Zanana shifted into the calm of palaces, it stood mostly as a bejeweled souvenir of more brutal times. All through its entire history, however, Fort Kot Diji was never attacked.

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