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Panj Peer

Panj Peer_Narh (28)

Traveling from Rawalpindi to Kashmir when you move forward from Kahuta we come across Nararh. From Narar there is a link road leading you to Panj Peer. A magnificent and anonymous touring place endowed with the mountains, rocks, pine trees, valleys and fountains. If a poet could describe the Panj Peer’s beauty then it might be like this:


I am rock.
I am dust.
I am the void in your eyes,
When you want to avoid
Whatever worries you.
I am inhabited.
I am desolate.
I am lonely.
But I am not desperate.
For your company.
You come to me.
I never come to you.
At times I am sheer.
And when you are not sure,
Whether I evolved or was created,
I know.
Because I was there,
When I began.
I am red.
I am brown.
I am green.
I am blue.
I am purple.
I am pink.
I am black.
I am beautiful.
I am sincere.
I am enjoyed.
By those who know my might,
I am feared.
I am a protector.
I am veined by thunderous rivers
That run along the surface of me.v
I am led by a trail of stars.
And a creek of deer carves me.
I am empty.
But I am complete.v
I am satisfied.
As long as you enjoy me.

Demography, Transportation, Boarding

There are two ways to reach PANJ PEER. One as we mentioned above and the second one is through Lehtrar road. From where you can hike upto PANJ PEER. Panjpeer is the highest point of the Danoi Ridge in Kotli Sattian / Kahuta.It is at an altitude of approximately 1800 meters. In winters the top gets a few ft of snow each year. It is called Panjpeer because of a shrine it has at the top. Locals believe this was a place where five saints came and got settled. In winters the top gets a few ft of snow each year. Danoi hike starts from the Lehtrar rest house on the Lehtrar Road. This road links Islamabad to Bagh(AJK) via Kotli Sattian. Total distance between Islamabad and Lehtrar town is around 40 Kilometers. Rest house is behind the petrol pump just a little ahead of the main bazaar. The hike starts behind this rest house and is actually an abandoned jeep road. In a couple of hours, this path reaches Danoi rest house while passing through a beautiful pine forest. Danoi rest house Is at an approximate altitude of 1300 meters. Total traveling distance from Islamabad to Danoi rest house is around 60 kilometers. The rest house was built in 1928 and is right in the middle of the beautiful pine forest. You can also spend the night here through an advanced booking from the forest department office near Sawan station, Rawalpindi but they are generally reluctant to entertain people without reference. Enjoying the pine forest and the beautiful views hike trek offers, you will reach a place where there are big boulders stretched over a large area. This part is the specialty of this trek. Nowhere else in the whole region, you will find any thing like this. It is not just these large stretched boulders, throughout the trek you will notice large rocks of very unique size and structure. These rocks are also very tempting from rock climbing point of view however I am not sure if anyone has ever attempted them. At some places they offer a scary vertical drop of rock with a height of more 100-200 ft. Continuing on the trail will take you to Panjpeer which can be spotted from the distance by a large junk of jumbled up trees on the top. If one keeps walking along the edge and skip the road turning right, towards the shrine, one can reach the end of ridge with a nice view point from where river Jehlum can also be seen. Total travel time from Danoi to this place or the shrine is 2-3 hours. On clear days, from the top, you can see Makra and other mountains of Kaghan area on your north while different peaks of Kashmir are visible on the east. From Panjpeer, you may use first option to drop down on the other side towards East to the Jehlum river through Narh. This path ends at Azad Pattan where a bridge links Azad Kashmir to this part of Punjab over river Jehlum. Public transport can be taken from Azad Pattan that will reach Islamabd in around 90 minutes via Kahuta and Sihala.

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