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Murree  (3)

Murree a well-liked hill station is located along Islamabad-Kohala highway N75 almost 40 km northeast of Islamabad. Besides N75 National highway the alternate route is now Islamabad-Murree Motor way. Or in other words it is located on the southern slopes of the Western Himalayan foothills as they lead to the northeast towards Kashmir. Its altitude was established at 7,500 feet. It is a beautiful summer resort, especially for the inhabitants of Punjab. It is a sub-division of Rawalpindi District. It is one of the largest resort towns in the Galyat area of Pakistan, and is the capital city of Murree Tehsil. Different Galyat can also attracts tourists in this area.

Ghora Gali

It is one of the tourist mountain resort towns of the Galyat area of northern Pakistan. It has an elevation of 1,691 meters and is located in the northeastern tip of the Punjab province of Pakistan. Ghora Gali is also a Union council, an administrative subdivision, of Murree Tehsil.

Gulehra Gali

It is a village in Murree also known as New Murree. Gulehra Gali is the base station for Patriata chair lift.

Jhika Gali

It is a town and tourist resort in Murree. It is situated on Rawalpindi to Murree road and contains many boarding schools.


It is a small town and a hill station named after a nearby forest. It is located around 15 km from Murree city. Bhurban is one of the more scenic sites in the country, and is a tourist paradise with unique flora and fauna. It has a variety of species not found elsewhere in Pakistan. It is known for attractive hiking trails in the nearby Ayubia National Park. The ’5 star’ Pearl Continental Hotel is one of several tourists resorts in Bhurban that serve tourists visiting the Murree Hills and
the national park. It has also a nine hole golf course.

Recommended Sights:

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