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Tatta Pani


Tatta Pani is positioned on Hajira Road, at a space of 45 kilometers from Rawalakot City. It is situated in Tehsil Hajira, District Poonch, Azad Kashmir. Tatta Pani is at an elevation of 2237 feet above the sea level. Tatta Pani offers a matchless experience, hot water springs oozing out of the soil and drop into the Poonch River. These are sulphur water springs with water temperature around 86º C in summers and 65º C in the winters. Existing hot water pools were shattered during the flood in River Poonch. Climate is hot in summer and cold in winter. Tatta Pani is positioned on the right bank of the river Poonch, at a space of about 29 kilometers from Hajira and is linked with two fair weather roads, i.e. through Hajira Mandol and through Baluchi Pakhonar road. One can also reach there from Kotli. The distance between Kotli and Tatta Pani is about 26 kilometers.

Tatta Pani is famous for its sulphur water springs. Approximately 500 people visit Tatta Pani on a daily basis to have hot water bath for the cure of skin and aching ailments, during winters.

Transportation services for Tatta Pani are available in good number from all key points of the Poonch, Mirpur and Kotli district of Azad Kashmir.

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