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Pir Chinasi


A 30 kilometers eastward journey from Muzaffarabad takes one to the breathtaking location Pir Chinasi, it is situated at the height of 9,500 feet. Due to its marvelous charming beauty, lush green plateaus and magnificent weather, it wins the hearts of nature lovers. The view of the peak of the neighboring mountain peaks spell bounds a visitor. Devotees of Saint Shah Hussain Bukhari, take pilgrimage to refresh their dust heart. The neighboring Pir Asimar, Phawna Da Danna and the areas in the bottom of Pir Chinasi, i.e. Saran, Sud Bun, Mushki, Sakki and Jarran Phirran are also worth seeing and perfect for hiking, trekking and camping activities. A Tourist Lodge at Saran provides lodging services to the tourists.

A visit to Pir Chinasi will convey the visitors breathtaking views of the Jhelum Valley and the magnificent snow-covered mountains. One can get to view several trekking trails and paths amidst a scenic setting. It is a beloved spot for the trekkers and the tourists with a daring bent of mind. A trekking knowledge will surely add a special taste to the entire journey.

Recommended Sights:

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